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Moses Monday is the Founder, MEL-Technologies & Solution Ltd., has in-depth knowledge in Hardware and Software, with over nine (9) years proven experience in Information Technology.
He is a graduate of Rivers State University and holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science; he also obtained a Microsoft Certified I.T Professional (MCITP) certificate from the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology. Moses is a passionate and dynamic entrepreneur with an innovative flair for technology.

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ICT Consultancy

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Our ICT Consulting Services helps businesses and organizations manage small, medium and complex IT projects from inception through to its completion and maintenance phases. We ensure that it meets your specified objectives and deadlines whilst ensuring that we work within your budget. Our team of experienced consultants will utilize all resources available for the project and will ensure that performance, time and reliability is not compromised.

Our team of highly experienced IT consultants advises you on every phase of the project, starting from analysis phase, development phase, deployment and its performance testing phase. MEL-Technologies ensure the successful implementation of our customer’s project by maintaining the balance in various aspects which can affect the project such as, the suggestion of best available options, highlighting the risk factors, regular quality assessments and to overcome the loss with effective action plan.

We have experience in designing for efficient quantity production, and can even manufacture your product and provide second-line warranty and support, should you not have the resources for this

Our ICT Consultancy includes:monsanto

Helping you decide the best IT solutions for your business

Current business state assessment

Interactive workshops to understand your business goals

Project management and deployment

Constant observation of business milestones

Cost estimation for IT systems

System Implementation and Integration

Resource management and evaluation

Our expert team of technology and business consultants will bring variety of knowledge and skills in addition to our industry in Nigeria and from around the world. With an in-depth understanding of business processes and technologies, we work with our clients to significantly improve productivity and reduce their business overheads by applying the right services and solutions.

At MEL-Technologies, we hope to achieve a complete customer satisfaction. To ensure that the project result exceeds your expectation and achieves high ROI, get in touch with our Consultants now.
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