Website Design PROMO – 70% Off

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear someone talk about “going global”? Getting more people to know you what you do, to be memorable, and above all, to establish your company’s name as a pillar in your niche, right? Perfect, this all starts with a website!

That being said, clearly if you are a business, you NEED to be online and the coolest way is to have a custom-made commercial website!

Over half of the world’s population is connected to the web, everyone is online nowadays – browsing, learning, meeting new people, shopping. Everyday things we used to do can now be done in the virtual world. And the numbers just keep on growing.

Now here is our offer, to build your company web pages at the lowest cost (60,000 Naira) but with high ideals still. We are doing so to join you lay the foundation of your brand’s online image, so you can begin the coming year bigger and better. Depending on the purpose to serve, here are the website categories:

  • THE ECOMMERCE SITE– For the sole reason of trading your products/services and generating revenue.
  • THE SUPPORT SITE– to provide after-sales support to customers. Whether it’s in the form of videos, tutorials, knowledge base, or live assistance, in order to strengthen the bond between your company and client.
  • THE CORPORATE SITE– to get potential clients familiar with your brand and establish a reputable name for yourself.
  • THE PORTFOLIO SITE– getting everyone acquainted with your work.

These doesn’t need to cost a fortune! So contact MEL-Technologies right away!

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