Gravity VirtualFitness App by MEL-Technologies – Rating Best Mobile App For Fitness Resource

Gravity VirtualFitness Android/iOS App  – By MEL-Technologies

Gravity Virtual-Fitness is a fitness and lifestyle system provided by Gravity. Gravity designs fitness programs and accessories to ensure a “live fit” lifestyle. Our mission is to empower everyone to lead an active lifestyle and to transform every fitness goal to reality. You can join us within the Circles of Gravity to lead a healthier lifestyle anywhere you are!


Gravity Virtual-Fitness is unique because it brings you support regardless of time, space or circumstances. We are able to help people reach their goals whenever and wherever through our online portal, app and other media. Gravity provides support through different subscription plans. This way you can decide how much support you need to enable you reach you goal.

DOWNLOAD here: (Android) and  (iOS)