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We deliver cutting-edge digital solutions

We create professional Websites, Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Corporate Identity Branding that engages your audience, tell your story and drive leads that grows your business. 

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Moses Monday

Founder & CEO

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We are transparent and always truthful to our clients. We make no compromises when it comes to offering to them the best of our potentials and capabilities.

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We ensure quick and excellent service delivery on any project. Our Support desk is at your disposal and always ready to render 5 star assistance to any issues/request.

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What other services does MEL-Technologies offer ?

CCTV Security Systems, Electric Fence Security, Video Conferencing, Live Streaming,  School Management Software Solutions, Programing and Trainings, ICT Consultancy Services

Yes we fix damaged and hacked websites at a very affordable rate.

Yes, MEL-Technologies can rebuild and rebrand your website to meet up current and up-to-date standard

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