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Our website design and portal development services are fashioned to meet client’s requirements and specifications in a cost effective manner. Our years of experience puts us at the forefront of custom web application development in the industry. We build websites using latest technologies such as – JavaScript ASP.net, PHP, Bootstrap, Python and HTML etc.  

At MEL-Technologies, our professional web designers construct sites with a focus on strategic planning, appealing visual design, and a perfect user experience.

Below are the likes of our web application development:

  • Content management websites
  • Web portal solutions
  • Community and social network websites
  • Small, medium and large business web application
  • Hotel booking and reservation websites
  • Airline ticketing application
  • e-Business development / eCommerce development
  • Hospital Management System
  • Payment processing and API's

Our recent web projects:

Building A Highly Converting Website
At MEL-Technologies, every website is designed to achieve a specific purpose, such as sales, leads, or engagement. However, in order to construct a website that genuinely achieves those objectives, proper design is essential.
Prioritize the demands of your site’s visitors. If you’re not sure what users want, ask them. This notion is at the heart of all we do as a user-centered business. This not only increases user interaction but also increases conversion and profit for your organization

A professional and superb  website combines both aesthetics and functionality. It should, of course, look good. However, it must be developed with a clear understanding of the website’s most critical goals and conversion points, as well as how the website will assist users in achieving those goals.

Here is a simple rundown of how we create a befitting website for your business

  • Discovery Phase

We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your company. We consult with key stakeholders and delve into any existing data you may have, including the performance of any existing site.

Our goal is to begin user research as soon as possible. This could include talking to your clients, conducting quantitative research such as surveys, or conducting user testing on your current site.

  • Strategy Phase

The planned structure, content, and features of a website are all aligned with the company’s aims in a website strategy. It is here that we make high-level decisions on your website’s direction. We deliver a strategy document at the end of the phase that leads the design of the website and establishes the tone for your project.

  • Planning Phase

In this phase, we set up a clear path of how we will best portray your business on the digital web.

The sitemap, which depicts the structure and hierarchy of the site’s pages, is the first significant deliverable. Then there are wire-frames, which are low-fidelity black-and-white designs that demonstrate the core structure of each page template.

We’re passionate about getting our concepts in front of users to test and enhance them, so these deliverables are backed up by as much user research as we possibly do.

It’s also in this phase we employ the skills of our experienced copywriters and search engine optimization (SEO) experts to help solve the copy-writing and SEO aspect of your website

  • Designing Your Website

This is where we bring everything into play.  The design phase’s deliverables are full-color mock-ups of each template based on the wire-frames developed during the planning phase. The design phase’s deliverables are full-color mock-ups of each template based on the wire-frames developed during the planning phase.

We design independently for desktop, mobile, and tablet, optimizing every piece and interaction for each platform because a completely responsive design is unavoidable.

Yes, it sounds cumbersome and this is why we have professional website designers that are ready to take the stress off your shoulder and help take your business to the digital web