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Moses Monday is the Founder, MEL-Technologies & Solution Ltd., has in-depth knowledge in Hardware and Software, with over nine (9) years proven experience in Information Technology.
He is a graduate of Rivers State University and holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science; he also obtained a Microsoft Certified I.T Professional (MCITP) certificate from the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology. Moses is a passionate and dynamic entrepreneur with an innovative flair for technology.

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Wincor, NCR, Diebold, Hyosung ATM Cassette Repairs and Refurbishment – Save Money And Get More Value

ATM Cassette Lab

Wincor, NCR, Diebold, Hyosung ATM Cassette Repairs and Refurbishment – Save Money And Get More Value

MEL-Technologies & Solution Ltd.  is the industry’s leading innovator, developing solutions to satisfy all your ATM wishes. From parts and gadget to maintenance, we’re right here to help. We offer extra restore solutions in the industry and maintain one among the biggest inventories of recent and refurbished elements.


ATM’s have lengthy featured cash cassettes that without difficulty can be exchanged as soon as they may be empty. However, such cassettes have sizeable safety issues. Advancements in cash era, however, are making a distinction. Intelligent cassettes can:

  • Count the number of banknotes and the denominations of deposited cash
  • Track which worker loaded cash and removed the cassettes
  • Exchange cash without opening the cassette or touching the coins internal


MEL-Technologies works at UBA Port Harcourt

MEL-Technologies works at UBA Port Harcourt


A today’s ATM Cassette fee cost about N120,000 (Naira). However, MEL-Technologies & Solution Ltd. can provide a service repair charge of #20,000 MEL-Technologies & Solution Ltd. has been a vendor to major banks in Nigeria with likes of United Bank for Africa (UBA) and many more…



As the lifecycle of older era of ATMs comes to an end, you’ll want a restore accomplice who is capable of repair modules for newer ATM technology as well. Our enormously skilled engineering team  is continuously running at the latest technology  (such as intelligent depository)  to ensure that we can offer durable and effective repair solutions for definitely any NCR and Wincor modules, our restore method have been constantly evolved to maximize reliability and drive down fee.




MEL-Technologies & Solution Ltd is second to none when it comes to ATM Cassette repairs and refurbishment in Nigeria. We have the tools and technics to revamp your ATM cassettes and bring them back to life.



MEL-Technologies ATM Training Lab



Have you ever thought of saving more than 80% of the cost of purchasing a new ATM cassette? Why waste that huge amount of money when you can repair/refurbish your existing ones. We give you warrantee for every repairs and keep close contact with to make sure your ATM is up and running 24/7.



Contact us today let’s get your ATM cassettes working again…

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