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ATM Maintenance, Parts and Rework Services

MEL-Technologies renders quality ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Engineering solutions to financial institutions in Nigeria. As an ATM support service provider, we have support Engineers all over Nigeria. We also run an ATM Engineering Academy where delegates are trained on different levels of ATM maintenance and repairs.

The Technical department of the company is unique, proffering solutions to ATM challenges. Our Engineers are Wincor Nixdorf, NCR, Diebold and Hyosung Certified and with over 11 years’ experience in the industry in both Hardware and Software.

MEL-Technologies and Solution Limited is regarded with pride as the largest and best ATM Engineering Company in Nigeria and west Africa sub region.

Our Niche

  • Responsive
  • Skilled
  • Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Track Record
  • On Time Delivery
ATM Maintenance

At MEL-Technologies, ATM maintenance is an attitude developed via years of expertise using cutting-edge technology with a team that is passionately driven to ensure that your ATM Estate is always up and running.

With years of expertise in the ATM business, we have developed a team of specialised ATM Repairs Engineers. Our team delivers high-end repairs services to place your ATM parts in excellent form. With a fully equipped ATM Refurbishment Unit our team professionally bring back every component of an ATM to optimal performance.

Choose from a complete stack of ATM Refurbishment plans to deliver optimal business performance, with a one-on-one professional consultancy to help you choose the right refurbishment plan.

No matter the location were you want your ATMs we will be there at your service to architecture the staging and the ATM installation . With the increasing demand for ATM use we manage all the logistics for your next ATM deployment.

ATM Branding has now become much more of an art. We increase your ATM transactions count with creative ATM branding solutions. We brand your ATMs and can also re-brand existing ATMs in your fleet of ATMs, in order to allow your customers locate you and get informed about your products and services.

We are armed with complete knowledge of the intricacy of the ATM world and market, and will deliver to you a model that helps you be on top of your business. Even if you have an existing ATM business we are available to provide a model that drives your business to become robust and rapidly scale with the increasing demands of your customers and unique business environment you have.

MEL-Technologies provides hands-on training to give the best in field repair ATM training. This course is equally divided between lecture and hands-on labs. Power point based lectures with continuous reviews to reinforce concepts for each topic presented. Labs entail specific procedures for module removal, partial disassembly, adjustments, reassembly, reinstallation, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

Our widely acclaimed ATM Engineering Training programme has been designed to help you understand all elements of ATM maintenance and repairs, and can be tailored to suit any level of ATM proficiency.

Our dedicated engineering teams are constantly working on the fringe of ATM technology, and regularly update our training courses to reflect the latest advancements in the ATM industry.

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