Essential Tech Tools Every Small Business Should Have In 2024:

Are you a small business owner seeking to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction?
Here are some must-have tools for you:

• Google Workspace:
Get all your favorite google tools—like Gmail, Gemini AI, Drive and many more—all in one place. It’s essential for document management, communication, collaboration.

• Dropbox:
This is a platform that enables you to store, protect and share files with ease, either for work or personal use. It offers suitable pricing plans for each purpose.

• Mailchimp:
It’s important for executing customized email campaigns, maintaining client engagement, and propelling sales through efficient communication.

• Hootsuite:
Manage and schedule social media posts like a pro, survey engagements, and analyze performance to boost productivity and customer interaction.

• Canva:
Create free, on-the-go graphic designs—posters, logos, videos and many more—for social media posts and general advertisements.

• Evernote:
Seamlessly manage daily tasks and capture new ideas through the power of organized note-taking.

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