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About PIND

The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) is a non-profit organization that promotes peace and equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta region through strategic partnerships and collaborations. Our United States counterpart, the Niger Delta Partnerships Initiative, is based in Washington, DC. 

Since 2010, with our partners, we have been contributing to strengthening and stabilizing the region by 

  • reducing conflict and fostering peace & stability, 

  • reducing poverty, 

  • facilitating alternative clean energy solutions for remote coastal communities that are off the national grid, 

  • enabling youth employment, 

  • supporting gender equality and social inclusion for women, youth, and people with disabilities, 

  • empowering local civil society organizations, 

  • and influencing governments policies, programs & practices that significantly benefit the poor and marginalized. 

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July 26, 2016