Partners for Peace Niger Delta – P4P

About P4P

P4P is a network dedicated to promoting peace in the Niger Delta.  Join now and connect.  It is only by linking hands that the vision of peaceable livelihoods in our communities will be realized. P4P provides a platform where people with different backgrounds and perspectives can come together, not to point fingers or take sides, but to understand and address the root causes of conflict and build peace.

  1. To identify, establish and strengthen conflict resolution initiatives within the Niger Delta region.
  2. To promote a more enabling, inclusive and peaceable environment conducive for economic growth and development.
  3. To foster collaboration around the idea of peacebuilding across various stakeholder groups in the Niger Delta.
  4. To enable people, businesses and civil society organizations (CSOs) to collectively advance their cause for livelihoods free from violence and conflicts.
  5. To identify existing peacebuilding efforts and elicit local perspectives on peace and conflict in the Niger Delta. 

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January 15, 2017