About the CEO

Moses Monday is an experienced Computer Analyst and ICT Consultant who has worked with several companies. He graduated from Rivers State University of Science and Technology and holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science; he also obtained a Microsoft Certified I.T Professional (MCITP) certificate from the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology. Moses is a passionate and dynamic entrepreneur with an innovative flair for technology. Moses is the founder and CEO of MEL-Technologies.
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Mobile App Development



We develop mobile sites and apps that are multi-platform and can work on several mobile Operating Systems, which includes windows mobile7, the android OS, RIMs’ BlackBerry OS, Symbian OS, apples’iOS, and samsungs’ Bada OS.


Here is an insight on how we work for the different platforms

iPhone Application

iPhone Application Development is an area where MEL-Technologies has in-depth knowledge and expertise. Nowadays, more and more businesses try to explore newer realms by reaching out to the iPhone users. In case you are looking for the right technology partner to develop iPhone Apps, we can help you with our expertise and cost-effective services.


Blackberry Application

Blackberry has been the trusted mobile device of the businessmen for years. With advancements in other mobile devices and their Apps, Blackberry Apps too have experienced technological up-gradations. MEL-Technologies has expertise in Blackberry Application Development and the company can help clients create great looking functional Blackberry Apps.


Android Application

Google’s Android Operating System is proving to be a major competitor in the mobile device arena. At MEL-Technologies, we create quality Andriod Apps with various functionalities and they have a stunning impact in enhancing the clients business prospects. At MEL-Technologies, we are passionate about developing Android Apps.


Windows Mobile Application

Windows Mobile for Smart Phones is an Operating System developed by Microsoft. Apps continue to evolve, so does their use on Windows Mobile devices. At MEL-Technologies, we develop Windows Mobile Applications with rich graphics and functionality comparable to any other Mobile Apps.