Build Your Reach with Professional Web/Portal for Your School

A school web portal is a wonderful communication tool. There are so many ways in which schools can use a Web site to enhance classroom instruction and promote communication. You may ask ‘Is a school Web site worth the time and expense’? Yes! It’s absolutely worth it. A school Web site is an excellent way to promote the positives of your school. Having pride in your school and wanting to share that pride should be the driving force behind building any school Web site.

See Why It’s Worth the Time & Expense.

The benefits of a school Web site are many, but the one that comes to mind first is that it is yet another way to get the message home. It’s good public relations for the school, and it’s a medium that appeals to students.


Schools everywhere are building their own school Web sites. If you but feel overwhelmed by the apparent enormity of the task, MEL-Technologies & Solution team with vast technology coordinators can help you cut that task down to size. You’re in charge of organizing a new website for your school. Don’t panic! You’re in good hands – we’ve designed and built a good number of other school websites and we’ll give you as much help as you need every step of the way.

The whole process typically takes around 4-6 weeks, but can be completed much more quickly if you have a particularly pressing deadline – just let us know.

Exactly what we can include on your site?

At MEL-Technologies & Solution Limited, our Tech team members provide a number of suggestions for site content, review them with clients before developers start with those pages they consider most important to their school and community. Possible features and topics include the following:


  • school theme, motto, and/or mascot
  • general information about the school, district, and local community
  • state and/or national curriculum standards
  • Online fee Payment Procedures and Instruction Set.
  • administration and school board news
  • school rules and policies
  • school announcements and events
  • sports scores and school team information
  • activity and program pages
  • teacher and staff biographies and/or e-mail addresses
  • school calendar
  • cafeteria menus
  • grade-level, classroom, or department pages
  • in-class work and homework assignments
  • homework help
  • student projects
  • class schedules
  • links to curriculum-related information for teachers and students, search engines, parenting information, and education news and organizations
  • fun links
  • PTO information and announcements
  • Information about Internet use, safety, and district policies
  • Alumni information


In Summary,

  • The public will know more about your school and the image you want to project. You are your Web site as far as the public is concerned.
  • Everyone involved knows what’s expected.
  • Your staff, student community and the general public will be well-informed about periodic updates, set standards, guidelines for procedures at a go.
  • Students and pupils can access part of class projects, senior service projects, or tech class directly from home via web portals.
  • It’s a learn-as-you-go, between teachers and kids.
  • Availability of Online resources that can connect your entire school or locality with less or no cost.
  • Direct online fee payments and access to term/semester results at adequate speed.
  • Teachers will gain knowledge on how to use the website and internet effectively to achieve their own classrooms goals.


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