Gravity VirtualFitness App by MEL-Technologies – Rating Best Mobile App For Fitness Resource

‘Tech’ is not just a word in our profile; it is what our team is very much busy with. Here is the new
Gravity VirtualFitness mobile Apple (Android & iOS  ) by MEL-Technologies for Gravity & Lifestyle. We look forward to building another classic tool for your brand too.

About This App

Virtual Fitness is a fitness system provided by Gravity. Gravity designs fitness programs and accessories to ensure a “live fit” lifestyle. You can join the circles of Gravity to lead a healthier lifestyle anywhere you are!

Provides custom training and nutrition plan for fitness enthusiasts. Progress tracking, keeping you connected with your trainer, access every workout in your program and make payment at breeze time.

You can save and track your progress as you go through any of the programs or challenges, as well as mark a completed day of a program.

Admittedly, you don’t have to do any exercise to belong. The Gravity & Lifestyle Virtual Fitness resource is about finding the right level for you, finding the way to be happy with yourself, how you look and feel, and your life in general. How you do it, is up to you.

Download the Gravity Lifestyle APP  (Android) and  Gravity Lifestyle App (iOS)

Leave a feedback for us so we can know where and what to improve on the Gravity Virtual Fitness App.

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Developer: MEL-Technologies & Solution Ltd.

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