This Is What Life Will Be In 2050

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School education in 2050

Luckily there was a big revolution at school. Children still meet in classes, but rather to be together with 30 other children, now just 5-6 pupils are organized and paired with one adviser for assisting. 50% of the learning takes place in schools, the other 50% take place outside the school to face reality as soon as possible and to experience all subjects.

Learning on your device at home is also possible. There is no need to be physically present at school as long as you are connected to your group. But still: most kids prefer to meet in reality.

There is no grading at school anymore, the achievements are measured with the solutions you find for all the problems you are confronted with. Real world problems, not educational-fictional problems. 7-year-olds invent universal communicational images, 17-year-olds tackle chemical reaction patterns to find ecological materials.

Transport in 2050

Building new infrastructures in exciting and crowded cities is always the biggest issue: Modern infrastructure uses tunnels for long distance connections. Some levels are used for human transportation, the very deep levels are used for goods transportation. The first underwater tubes for intercontinental travelling are in preparation.

To reduce traffic on streets, private transportation was forbidden years ago: today’s vehicles (still with wheels) are self-driving cars which are all public used. Most people use an electric scooter for short distance travelling. And some people still walk by using their own feet. Surgical operations in 2050.

Medicine in 2050

Surgeries, of course, will be performed by robot arms for ultra-precise movement, even able to remove and isolate tiny groups of a few cancer cells behind your ear. The robot arms decisions are 100% ki driven (Key Identification) and each action relies on a worldwide health database. Where doctors may perform a few 1000 surgeries for each case in their whole life, this ki-driven health network has seen millions and millions of surgeries and can compare for the perfect treatment.

Every baby born in the year 2050 will have a storage for stem cells from the umbilical cord blood. The technology of tissue engineering makes it possible to create any type of body cells from the stem cells to recreate any organ.

The End Of Smart Phones: Time For Advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces

By the year 2050, humans will no longer use smart phones. Instead, their brains will be directly connected to the internet through advanced brain-computer interfaces. When someone wants to access information, call a friend, turn on a light, or order a meal, they simply need to think about it, and it will happen. AIl algorithms will run alongside normal brain functions, helping people learn new skills, manage their lives, and perform complex tasks.

The cloud will become an extension of each person’s brain, much like our smart phones are today, except all the information will be seamlessly integrated into our conscious awareness of the world around us.

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