How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Website

Your WordPress website has been hacked! Those are the words you never want to hear. Perhaps you found out when your web hosting company emailed you, a customer contacted you or when you visited your own site and saw signs of a hack.

Even worse you only realised when you were investigating why your traffic tanked. You checked your unlimited plan server logs and realised it was due to malware or hack on the site.

What do you do? How can you quickly fix your site?

In our article, I am going to cover in-depth how you can clean your site from the hack. Remove any malware and implement security so that it doesn’t happen again.

I will walk you through the steps one by one so even a beginner can recover their hacked WordPress website.

Before we start lets quickly cover why this could have happened.

There are many reasons why your WordPress site was hacked. As the popularity of WordPress grows, currently powering over 34% of website online, so does the potential of WordPress sites being targeted as a prime candidate for a hack.

According to the latest report by Sucuri in 2018 WordPress accounts for over 90% of all infected CMS platforms found on the web.

However, that statistic shouldn’t put you off from using WordPress as your CMS of choice. A lack of basic security and general maintenance is often the root cause.

Keep in mind. Even with a super-secure site people with malicious intent or a determined hacker will still try and find loopholes and access points in which to hack your site. This can happen on any CMS and not just WordPress.

Let’s get cracking and recover your site from the hack by taking the following steps.

Culled From:  Umbrella Host

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