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The Tech industry is always bringing in new advancements so to stay ahead you have to keep yourself active with the recent developments. Web development is a very rewarding piece in suggestion.

Millions of people are using several platforms to open the webpage — computers, mobiles and now Smart TVs are entering the market. Webpages cannot be shown in the same way in a mobile and a computer. Adjustments must happen due to responsive design. This is one feature you will also learn as you venture into the arts.

There can be several kinds of web developers using building blocks but fact is, and much more, Web developers are in high demand, and that’s the reason why you need to be especially skillful to get hired by a company. Here are some of the essentials necessary for learning web development at MEL-Technologies & Solution Ltd:

‘HTML, CSS and Bootstrap Frameworks, PHP, MySQL, JQuery AngularJS and JavaScript.

With HTML and CSS, you handled the presentation of the page. JQuery is a collection of extensions and plugins which make it much easier for you to work with JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language which helps you implement audio, video or games in your website and provides the tools to make the webpage ‘work’. You can even combine frameworks too — many use Bootstrap and pair it with JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS to decorated webpages.

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